Who We Are

A.C.E.S. is a tight-knit family of highly-qualified professionals, who have been privileged enough to work with one another for over 7 years. We have more than 30 years’ industry experience between us, and are internationally certified Coating Inspectors with NACE International, The Worldwide Corrosion Authority.

Our team members each hold numerous NZQA competencies and certificates in workplace safety, working at heights and elevated work platforms, confined spaces practices and supervision, handling hazardous substances, and are licensed forklift operators. We are practised at reporting to engineers and inspectors, and coordinating contractors, jobs and teams. We enjoy working hands-on with our team to get the job done properly, safely, well and on time, every time. The familiarity among our staff and mutual loyalty enables us to work very efficiently to produce top-quality work.

Our Values

Reliable & Adaptable: We provide realistic timelines for delivery, adhere to job specifications and manufacturer’s recommendations, and maintain rigorous quality control and ITPs. We have successfully applied corrosion control measures on a diverse range of projects across various industrial sectors.

Quality Assurance: We understand that the work we do for you today must remain steadfast well into the future and all of our decisions are based on this fact; from ensuring our team is appropriately qualified and trained for the task, to continuing their,as well as our own, ongoing professional development. We familiarise ourselves thoroughly with job and manufacturer’s specifications, and carry out all our work in a manner that complies with New Zealand coding and compliance regulations.

Time Management: By managing our time professionally and efficiently, we are able to meet reasonable turnarounds with zero compromise on quality.

Commitment: We are committed to upholding all of our values in all our work. We are committed to producing the best outcomes for our clients. We are committed to treating our staff under the guiding principles of these same values who, in turn, we have employed because they are committed to working for us in alignment with these values.

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